Yogic Life

Yogic Lifestyle is Daily Action

Every Day : Prepare yourself • Prepare your surroundings
Find your altars and sacred spaces • Prepare for meditation
Practice • Never Give Up • Practice

The New Age is about sharing together to achieve a mass consciousness change. The consciousness of humanity doesn’t have to be changed through atomic wars and earthquakes. It can be changed through people. We can change our thoughts and our minds for the greater good of all.

For me, My Revolution is Inward

Until we figure out that we are all one, and that there is only one on this planet, we will continue to want to understand why we are freaking out and why we are confronted with so many challenges.

Whether it is relationships, money, jobs, or whatever, we are tested in until we change our consciousness. The change is to realize that the only reality is the moment. The "NOW."

Yoga and meditation can help get us through these tests so that we can change our thoughts, and become proactive, not reactive.

Every day, you must practice. It can really help you can feel better about yourself.

Change yourself.

Then your presence will start changing the people around you.

My daily spiritual practice begins upon awakening. If my day is busy, and I do not have time to practice a little yoga and a little meditation, then I bow. I bow deeply to the day and to the moment.

Just as you, I struggle with the journey from nothing to nothing. But, I take refuge that everything is changing and there is no such thing as security. Thank G.O.D.!

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