Asana, Attitude

Attitude is Asana

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All forms of yoga use asana as part of their practice, even if the asana is as simple as sitting in a comfortable meditative posture. It is an exact science of body.

One of the main reasons why Kundalini Yoga works so fast and effectively is its use of angles in its asana. For example, lifting the legs to different heights creates pressure on specific glands and organs depending upon the angle of the lift.

Pressuring the glands causes them to secrete. Kundalini yoga asanas use movement from 1 minute to 11 minutes for a posture, and then the body comes to stillness. When the pressure of the movement is released and the body is held motionless, the glandular secretions that have been stimulated have an opportunity to circulate freely throughout the body.

The result is a balanced glandular system, which has a definite effect on your emotional stability though the chemistry of your body.

Mudras, or finger positions
The hand expresses our moods in each minute gesture. If you look at the palm, you will see that the lines form intriguing patterns. Early yogis mapped out the hand areas and found that they related to various areas of the body or brain. Each area also represents different emotions or behaviors. By curling, crossing, stretching and touching fingers to other fingers, we can talk to the body and mind. The hands become a keyboard for input to our mind/body computer.

Passage of the Fingers
The little finger is the Mercury finger and it channels communication.
The ring finger is the Sun finger and it channels physical vitality.
The middle finger is the Saturn finger and it channels emotion.
The index finger is the Jupiter finger and it channels wisdom
The thumb represents one’s ego or id.

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