15 July 2013

Meditation During Revolution: Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex

The week grind on. Everyone that I know is stressed. Talk of revolution and politics cut into every conversation. As the rush of revolution adrenalin subsides, we are left sorting through a deluge of information.

Revolution 30 June 2013 Cairo Egypt graffitiStories. Replay. Analysis. Videos. Tweets. Facebook. 
What to believe? Who to believe? Rumours run Rampant!

Years ago, long before Twitter and Facebook, I remember Yogi Bhajan telling us of the coming Age of Aquarius. He warned us that we would be overwhelmed with information. All secrets would be revealed. All lies exposed. Everyone would know everything about everyone. I sit here once again after another wave of millions of people came together outside my front doorstep. I not only hear my teacher's words, but experience his vision. 

The flood of "news" is overwhelming. Media hyped stories with points of view jabbed in from every angle: images challenge images; words reversed; words spewed.
Writers and commenters confuse us with propaganda, changing media strategies, and retelling of events ad nauseam. We take sides. We push. We pull. We argue. We agree. We judge. We stalemate.  

The cacophony holds us in confusion. Emotions get stuck in deadlock.
Maybe you find yourself in anxiety. Maybe you find yourself in hopelessness. Maybe you find yourself fear. Maybe you find yourself in euphoria.

Our inner conflicts block our ability to think and act clearly. We want to find the Truth, but we don't know how to navigate through the depths of information. 

I say, take a break.
Turn off your television. Log out of your internet. 
Take a seat. Pause. Take your breath. 

When you depend on your mind to discern what is true, it will lead you to duality. Our minds are not equipped to handle the flood of information coming at us. The mind is expert in volleying back and forth with arguments for and against. 

When your breath pattern changes it disturbs your prana, your life force. This disturbance puts us into an inner conflict. Our energy gets scattered. Rather than being centered, the energy moves distressed through our being. We are are unable to determine our own course of action. We are unable to discern our Truth. 

Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex 
This meditation resolves many conflicts and is an automatic reflex for survival. The effect is certain, gradual, and simple.
Meditation: Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex
Kundalini Yoga Meditation: Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex

Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex

POSTURE: Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh.

EYES: Close the eyes 9/10ths of the way.

MUDRA: Place the hands over the chest, with the palms on the torso at the level of the breasts. The fingers point toward each other across the chest.

BREATH: The key to this meditation is attention to the breath. Inhale deeply and completely for 5 seconds. Exhale completely for 5 seconds. Hold the breath out for15 seconds, by suspending the chest motion as you pull in the Navel Point and abdomen.

TIME: Begin with 11 minutes. Build up to 31 or 62 minutes.

TO END: Inhale deeply and stretch the arms up over the head. Relax the breath and shake the arms and hands for 15-30 seconds. Relax.

This breath pattern holds the breath out three times as long as it is held in. So, the body senses a lack of prana in vital areas of functioning and asks how it can quickly and optimally reorganize itself to respond to this survival threat. The fibers of the Pranic Body extend and re-channel the prana to form a new pattern filled with clarity and action potential. 
Your built-in computer can calculate your total resources and the level of challenge, then design a strategy to prepare and use the mind and body effectively.
Be honest with the breath timing, and the meditation will be honest with you.  
- Yogi Bhajan

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