10 November 2012

Part 3: Inhale Deeply, In This Air? Living in Pollution.

Part 3 Yoga and Meditation To Survive in the Pollution of Cairo

As I mentioned before, the main route for air pollutants is through the nose, mouth and throat. The nose is very efficient at trapping and holding some inhaled pollutants.

I have many yogic strategies that I used daily to maintain some sense of healthy eye, nose and throat health in our polluted city.

Here Are Simple Yoga and Meditations For A Pollution Pound of Cure:

Yogas and Exercises for Healthy Eyes

Rotate your eye balls, slowly, clockwise and anti-clockwise.
Don't move your head or neck.
Try to do these exercises first thing in the morning and in the evening to create a habit.

Sit straight and take a long breath. Rotate your eye balls, slowly, clockwise and anti­ clockwise 10-­15 times each direction. Repeat a few times. Without moving your head: look up, look to the right, look down, look to the left. Repeat.

Relax, Meditate to Calm Your Immune System  

Exposure to air pollution revs up your immune system to a point of being out of balance. It may be possible to relieve allergy symptoms and calm the immune system through deep relaxation.

Spend 10­-15 minutes for meditation. Early morning is best. You can sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair. Close your eyes and allow your mind to relax.

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