30 October 2012

Part 2: Inhale Deeply, In This Air? Living in Pollution.

Part 2 Simple Home Remedies To Survive in the Pollution of Cairo

Morning after Tahrir Square conflicts,
the tear  gas permeates
downtown streets.
Just when we think the Cairo black cloud couldn't get any worse, it does. I live next to downtown and since the Revolution, we have a new element to add to the pollution mix: tear gas.

As I mentioned before, the main route for air pollutants is through the nose, mouth and throat. The nose is very efficient at trapping and holding some inhaled pollutants. I have many yogic strategies that I use daily to maintain some sense of healthy eye, nose and throat health in our polluted city.

Here Are Simple Home Remedies For A Pollution Pound of Cure. All ingredients are available everywhere throughout Cairo.


Irritating dry cough:
Depending on the intensity of your cough and lung problems, you can try some of these remedies. 

Ginger, Garlic Tea (Zanjabeel, Tome)
Ginger and garlic tea not only soothes the throat, it also loosen the mucus membrane, and clears chest congestion.

To Prepare: Take a chunk of fresh ginger root and cut into small slices. Add the juice of garlic cloves and small amount of lemon juice into boiling water. Boil it for about 15 to ­20 minutes. Strain the liquid and keep it aside. Add a little amount of honey. The lemon juice loosens the cough and soothes the breath.

Aniseed (Yansoon)
Anise tea is effective for severe coughs (especially dry cough). This tea loosens mucous and melts cough accumulation in the chest. It also improves breathing system and chest congestion.

To Prepare: Grind the seeds if you have a grinder or keep them whole if you don’t. Boil some water, add the seeds or the powdered seeds, steep for 10 minutes or longer. Strain and enjoy hot or at room temperature.

Grapes ('inab)
Grape juice combined with honey is a fast relief for a dry cough. Grapes play important role in loosening cough and mucus and cleans it out. Juice fresh grapes and (if you want) add some honey.

Orange (Bortoân)
Freshly prepared orange juice is a good remedy for a severe cough. Drink it as soon as you juice it. To prevent a sour stomach, don't drink orange or citrus juice in the evening hours.


Home Remedies for Eye Care

Potato (Batatas)
Potato can keep eyes healthy. For weekly eye care, take a potato slice and put one over each eye for 10­ to 15 minutes. Potato keeps eyes stress free and lustrous.

Cucumber (Khiar)
Cucumber is the same as potato to promote eye health. Put a small round slice of cucumber over your closed eyes. Relax for 10-­15 minutes.


Follow a Diet High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants help the body clear oxidants away before cell injuries can occur. They also inhibit enzymes that cause cancer, and help the body repair the damage done by oxidants. There are many antioxidants including folic acid and vitamin C.

Eat plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Fruits rich in Vitamin A are essential for healthy eyes and proper eye sight. Citrus fruits, along with vegetables like tomato, spinach are good for eye care, and make eyes healthy.

Foods high in vitamin E are excellent sources of antioxidants. Foods high in vitamin E include vegetable oils, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

Drink water and freshly fruit juice.
Water and fresh juices keep your body hydrated and have positive effects in keeping eyes and the entire body system healthy and glowing.

Drink green tea.
It is a natural antioxidant. Green tea is better than black tea because it is less processed and contains higher levels of antioxidants. Steeping the tea for about five minutes releases over 80 percent of the antioxidants in tea - called catechins.

Avoid caffeine, any type of oily and spicy food, sugar, chocolates, etc.
Any type of cold drink, ice cream should also be avoided.

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