28 March 2012

Teachers & Students: Turn your passion for yoga into compassion

Room to Read's First Global Yoga Benefit: 16 June 2012

Removing obstacles, fostering compassion, and practicing asteya...

The demands in everyday life are seemingly endless. There never seems to be enough time or money to commit to practices other than maintaining our own emotional lives and physical conditions and care for our families. Along the way, traumas or conflicts occur that condition us and challenge our growth.

To move ahead, we often have to clear the path as we go and we probably often feel we could use the mighty strength of an elephant to blaze the trails in front of us (thus the great significance and reverence for the Hindu deity Ganesha). But for millions of children, the obstacles they face are too severe to overcome on their own.

A recent U.N. report identified India, mother country of our beautiful system of yoga, as the most dangerous place in the world to be a girl.

Teachers will sign up to participate and will donate all proceeds from the 60 - 90 minute class to the Room to ReadNamaste India! benefit. Teachers can set their own minimum donation price, but it should typically be a small amount comparable to a class price.

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