21 March 2012

5 Actions to Prepare for My Spring Cleanse & Detox Program

Spring officially started yesterday, March 20 at 13:15 in Egypt. It is time to shed winter jackets and leap into the lap of summer. 

At the beginning of the month, I set my intention for a week-long body-mind Spring cleanse and detox. As cold weather persists in Egypt, I decided to start my Cleanse Program next week. Hopefully the weather will warm up. In the meantime, I am preparing my body and mind to lose my winter indulgences.

Over the last several years, I’ve tried dozens of cleanse programs. I’ve found that I failed more often when I jumped into a program and didn’t take time prepare physically, and more importantly mentally. The mind can be a vicious saboteur.

Here are a few of my preparation tips that I integrate 10 to 14 days before starting any cleanse and detox program:

1: Set intention of what you expect from your detox program and integrate that intention. Not only will this set your approach, it will help you to chose the right program for you.

This Spring cleanse, I visualize radiance, lightening up, and revitalization.

During this time, I don’t just think and say I’m “going to do a cleanse.” I am making choices in my foods, actions, and words to support a week of changing up my daily routine for the benefit of my body.

Don’t try a cleansing routine because everyone else is doing it, or you think you are fat. If you take some time to consciously be aware of “why” you want to do a cleanse, then you will know if it is right for you and what program will suit you. When you have set your intention to be true to your cleanse program, then unexpected temptations to veer aren’t really tempting.

2: Explore and understand your selected detox program and arrange your food pantry to reflect the foods you need. Start using up perishable foods that don’t fit in the detox menu and get rid any foods that might derail your detox efforts before, during, and after you finish the program. Purchase non-perishable ingredients for your cleanse menu.

3: If you don’t already have a daily morning practice, start one.  For example, if you are doing 3- to 7- day detox program, plan (as in schedule) 21 days to encompass before, during and after your selected cleansing period. Determine a set time for a 15- to 30-minute daily morning meeting with your Self. No compromises. Practice yoga. Practice meditation. Read something spiritual or uplifting. Do one or all. Be compassionate of your Self during this time.

Upon awakening, sit quietly for a few minutes and tune into your breath. Become aware of your body and your surroundings.

Create your support system through your self awareness. Healing is of yourself, and you cannot heal if you perceive sickness or lack. Take this time to face any misperceptions you have of your self and see your way through your cleanse.

Tune into your body. Set your intentions. Tame the mind that will challenge you to eat everything in the grocery store.

Spring Cleaning on all levels. Clean surroundings make
tough detox days lighter and brighter.
4: Clean your house from top to bottom.
Not only will you shift the energy of your home, it’s great exercise.

If you apply posture and fitness principals as you go up and down the ladder and mop the floors, you can really feel your muscles getting a workout. Strengthen your arm muscles as you wash the doorframes and shake out the curtains. Don’t forget to stretch from time to time, especially after a bout of scrubbing.
Last weekend, I scheduled myself to clean the apartment. (Not to have my maid do the cleaning.) My husband was away, so I had the place to myself to chant, sing, talk to myself and get downright exhausted as I wiped down pollution-stained windows and doors, and mopped in every corner. It took me the whole day.
When I finished, I made a cup of tea and basked in the shine and fell asleep before 9 pm. The next day, I woke up invigorated and refreshed in a gleaming apartment. My stage is set. Clean surroundings make tough detox days lighter and brighter.

5: Get your friends and partner to support you in your detox program. If they are interested, then welcome them into your plans. Otherwise, don’t preach but ask for their support. I know that my husband won’t drink hot lemon water in the morning and doesn’t have any inclination to do a cleanse. But, I do know that he loves the fresh juices that I make, so I make sure to include him in the juicing portion of my cleanse. He eats what he wants, but doesn’t tempt or taunt me with his food choices.

Hope these tips help you for your happy Spring Cleansing!

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