12 February 2011

Day 1 Freedom : United Community of Egypt


Saturday, 12 February 2011: The first day of victory for Egypt. The atmosphere in Cairo is electrifying.

It's a new beginning for Egypt. And, as I have witnessed this movement of enlightenment across this country, I know Egypt is opening to a prosperous future.

As of yet, I haven't set a day or time to begin teaching yoga classes.

These last weeks, I've been supporting my friends in Tahrir Square, either by being with them when I could, or respecting their wishes for me to stay home. From peaceful protests, to heart-wrenching violence, to early curfews, we all moved through these last weeks moment-by-moment, on edge, in the present. At home, I did my best to sit quietly in my prayer space, but it was incredibly challenging.

We experienced communication without earthly communications (i.e. mobile phones and internet.) We formed community watch groups within hours as violence from thieves and thugs took to the streets. We went to the streets with brooms and bins to clean up our Cairo this morning, no less than 12 hours after victory to the principal demand of ousting President Mubarak. We didn't need committees, we simply moved through the link of oneness.

Every day, I was awestruck as the protestors held their ground and demonstrated phenomenal peaceful being. Young, old, Christian, Muslim, Secular, doctors, nurses, educators, students, unemployed, everyone as one.  At the same time, I listened to western media pundits use fear words in their broadcasts, baiting for confrontation and conflict. My friends translated the deception and propaganda being broadcast from state television and newspapers. Emotions swung from highs to lows, but never did we consider that we would leave. This is our home.

Peace to All - If you want to have peace, be peace. Peace is action from within, but you won't get there without practice. United we stand. Divided we fall. One. YOUR moment is now. ...now.... now...

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Panch Nishan said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience and letting us see through your eyes!

Sat Puran Kaur said...

Sat Nam
Thanks for sharing
Keep up!
Sat Puran

SatSundri Kaur said...

Sat Nam dear one....you & David are in my thoughts and prayers...Great to see you & all events through your pics.

All love in Divine...
SatSundri Kaur

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