24 October 2010

Yogi Food: Figs (tyn) in Egypt

The last few weeks, I've been finding fresh figs at local fruit and veg stalls. Average prices are about 15 egyptian pounds per kilo.

seductive fruit
Figs are commonly thought of as a fruit, but they are actually inverted flowers with the seeds being the actual fruit.

Fat-free, Sodium-free and Cholesterol-free

Per serving, figs are higher in fiber than any other fresh, or dried fruit. About three figs contain five to six grams of fiber.

Egyptians of long ago, were preoccupied with their digestion and would fast as part of ritual. The fig, having mild laxative properties, appealed to them as food which was delicious as well as good for them.

Figs are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and are also excellent source of pholyphenols, plant-based chemicals thought to play a role in fighting disease.

Selection and Storage
  • choose fresh figs that are slightly soft and bent at the neck.
  • fresh figs can only be refrigerated for approximately 2 to 3 days after harvest. Many fruit stand owners package the figs in family-sized packs. For those of us singles, most fruit stand owners will repack your fig purchases into smaller bundles so you don't have fruit spoiling before you can eat it.
  • for baking and cooking, just snip off the stem and slice, chop, or puree as the recipe suggest
  • dipping the blade of your knife in hot water helps prevent sticking when cutting
  • fresh and dried figs can be processed and used for baking recipes. I've added dried fig to bread recipes
  • mix in chopped figs with oatmeal or on top of any cold cereal
  • soak figs for thirty minutes, puree, and add to tomato sauce to sweeten it
Sexy, Sensual Super Energy

Figs have a high sugar content, so they are great producers of energy. Fig sugars are quickly taken up by the intestinal tract and used by the body.

I've always thought of figs to be very sexy and sensual. Their very appearance is wonderfully exotic and delightful. So, it made me laugh, when I read an excerpt about figs from The Ancient Art of Self Healing. Yogi Bhajan said that figs can make you a sexual pig! I'm not sure what he meant by that because he goes on to say that if one has any sexual, nervous disability, a fig mono-diet can correct it. For a normal person, a fig mono-diet can be done as experimental purposes for one week.

Yogi Bhajan's recipe:
Take 20 to 25 fresh figs and blend them with yogurt and drink. The figs must be fresh, not dried. One cup of yogurt to 10-15 figs is a good ratio.

For sexual or nervous disorders, try a mono diet of fresh figs. You will always feel sexual energy for your creative purpose. After all, sexual energy is nothing but creative energy. But, don’t mix up these two energies and think one is creative and one is non-creative. Both are creative, it is all in how you use it. (*1)

Here's another recipe to try
Oasis Fruit Shake

1 very ripe fig
6 raisins
1 pitted date
1 Tbsp cottage cheese or paneer
6 oz whey

Blend thoroughly and serve.


*1 Bhajan, Yogi "The ancient art of self-healing"
Grotto (RD, LDN), David, "101 foods that could save your life"


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