02 June 2010

Summer Holiday 2010

“We need a deep balance, a balance where what is inside us should be two times stronger than the outside world.” — Yogi Bhajan

Summer Holiday 2010 synopsis: I am practicing several advanced kundalini yoga sets this summer (started in May, rotating sets to be practiced for 120 days): warrior's workout, flexibility and the spine, nabhi kriya. Meditations to be determined. If you are interested in practicing any of these sets, please contact me and I will send you the details.

I Am On Summer Holiday 2010 And Will Not Be Teaching Kundalini Yoga Classes In Egypt Until October.

There are, of course, many other yoga classes being held around Cairo and the surrounding areas.

I return to teaching yoga in Cairo in October. Please RSS subscribe from upper left corner or revisit this site for updates and the Kundalini Yoga teaching schedule.

We have many exciting new things planned such as gong meditations, raw foods non-cooking classes, advanced kundalini yoga workshops, warrior workshops by the Red Sea in el Ain Sokhna and yogic cleanse workshops.

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Meditate, realize, and be free.

Have a great summer everyone. Keep peace in mind and heart.

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