27 May 2010

the move to YogaInEgypt dot com

On 08 February 2007, when I launched Yoga Everywhere blog, I had just moved to Cairo, Egypt. I really didn't think that I'd be living in Cairo until 2010. Yet, here I am: living in Cairo and will be probably living in Cairo for many more years since my husband has started a sailing centre on the Red Sea coast. (SailinEgypt.com)

Egypt: the mother teacher of non-attachment and forgiveness

My entire life transformed since I arrived in Egypt in 2007. For more than a year, I wrote a daily journal on a different blog address until an incredibly frightening event happened to me and so I deleted that entire blog. (and my Facebook account)

In one click, an 18-month daily journal was gone! The entire situation, from event to delete buttons, provided me with a great lesson in non-attachment on many levels. (Yet, not only for me, but for everyone that was reading that blog!)

After I deleted my daily-life-in-Egypt blogspot, I started to write more on the Yoga Everywhere blogspot. The event really made me search inward. Through my yogic practice and writing on the blog, I sorted things out. It ain't easy working and living in this city. The big PLUS was getting thoughtful feedback from the readers. I will not delete the Yoga Everywhere blogspot in hopes that someone can benefit by my writings and ramblings and search for Truth. What is the point in knowing this yogic technology and not applying it?

Most Popular Post in this site is my experience with Nabhi Kriya

I find that many people are especially interested in the nabhi kriya yoga set and personal journey of the practice that I have posted here. (Complete Nabhi kriya yoga set here) I particularly love the energy of this yogi that I found on Kundalini Yoga blogs: 1000-days-until-the-end-time-master-something

It's such a good practice that I started another 40-day nabhi kriya intention. This time, the practice is different in many ways. I will post the set here and plan to explore my journey (Nabhi Kriya part 2) here on YogaInEgypt.com.

I also have the surya kriya set posted there too. (surya kriya set)

Thank you and bless you all.

Peace be to your thoughts.

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