11 March 2010

KY Classes are on hold for now

Next week Monday the 15 March, I'll be teaching a last Kundalini Yoga class at the Breathing Room in Maadi. This is just a short-term break, I will be back teaching at the end of April. I was trying to arrange that my husband, who is in the process of getting his IKYTA teacher certificate, would teach the classes. His schedule is booked, so that didn't work out.

My sudden departure does need some explaining. Yes, it does involve a journey. I'm assisting on a documentary production with a filmmaker friend from the states. It's a small production, which means that I play many roles. Most importantly, I'm back to filmmaking. Storytelling. We'll be filming in the deserts of Egypt.

His timing for this project is perfect. I've been going through much soul searching in finding my "creative self." I've been hard on myself these last few years for my inability to rise above my perceived challenges, and therefore my perceived unproductiveness.

Over the last few months, I've been making peace with my Self. I'm learning to "be". Just BE. One difficult, easy, depressing, joyful, complex and simple lesson that I had to learn since I moved to Cairo Egypt in 2007...just be. I am -- I am.

In this state of being, I changed my mind; changed my perspective; changed my projection. I'm much kinder to myself and in so being, I vibrate with the cosmos. And yes, the cosmos vibrated back, delivering this beautiful film project.
St Anthony's Monastery photo by Dev HueskeI visited the monastery of St. Antony for the first time in October. The Priest said that he will see me again soon. He is right. The first part of the filming project will start here.

To balance yourself and act balanced, you have to be intuitive. You have to know what you are doing. Do your beliefs support your projection? If not, the chemicals in the brain go awry. That divine infinite self colorization which is our neuron activity will go wrong and you'll not be happy."
§ Yogi Bhajan §


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