05 March 2010

kickin' coffee caffeine with herbal coffee

When I was in the states to attend yoga training, a friend told me about Mountain Rose Herbs. Fantastic site for raw foodies and spice lovers.

From their website, I ordered many different herbal teas, spices, and ingredients to make my own beauty products. One of the unexpected pleasures that I ordered is herbal coffee. I am a coffee lover and coffee drinker. I enjoy drinking and comparing different coffees. To clarify, I enjoy different roasting styles and I detest flavoured coffee.

When I was hangin' with all my friends again, I was getting way too caffed up. I decided I'd try it and see if I could substitute it for my daily java. (at least every now and again...oh spare me the lecture of the evils of coffee...people: it's moderation that I'm looking for...)

Lest I lament the number of times I have tried coffee substitute is too numerous to write about, it's actually too expensive to think about. Almost all of them are yukky or really yukky.

Turns out. This herbal coffee is delicious. It really has the same black delicious look. And truly almost tastes like coffee. Don't get me wrong, it's not the same as coffee, but comes very close. It has been a pleasure drinking this in the mornings. My acid stomach has subsided, which is what is really my concern when I drink too much coffee.

The ingredients are: organic roasted dandelion root, organic roasted chicory root, organic roasted carob, and organic maca powder. Certified kosher through Earth Kosher.

Highly recommend. Will buy again. I avoid shipping anything to Egypt, so I must wait until my next trip to the states. But, if you're in the states, do check out Mountain Rose Herbs for their monthly specials and Mountain Rose Herbs website 

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