09 January 2010

Practicing Long Deep Breathing

practice long deep breathing
LONG DEEP BREATHING – Either sitting in easy pose or corpse pose, relax your chest and shoulders.

Draw a long deep breath through your nose.
Inhale, filling the abdomen, or even pushing it out. As the muscles of the abdomen draws down the diaphragm, consciously move the air down into the lower area of the chest cavity.

Feel the lungs filling in and through the chest. Imagine a big pitcher slowly filling with water. You are filling your lungs with air, starting at the bottom and slowly reaching the top.

Once the lungs are completely filled in this manner, hold the breath lightly for a moment. Don't lock your neck or tense your body. Just suspend the breath.

Then as you exhale, rather than contracting the chest, slowly allow the abdomen to shrink back, your abdomen will move in towards your spine. Contract the entire length of the diaphragm, from the upper chest to the abdomen, so that all the air is squeezed out.

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