01 January 2010

Now is the Time: Message from the Elders

The Crab Nebula -- Supernova

5-day solo journey to explore Chaco Canyon in 2003.
The Supernova Pictograph is located along the trail to Penasco Blanco ruin in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

In AD 1054 a new star appeared in the constellation Taurus that was so bright it was visible even by day.

Today we know this object as the Crab Nebula, the remnants of a supernova of a massive star.

Archaeologists believe that the Anasazi recorded this event at the time of its appearance.

The crescent shape accurately represents the phase of the moon at the time of the explosion, while the star shape is thought to represent the supernova itself. The handprint seems to be in the nature of a signature.

Message from the Elders

"You have been telling the people that this is the 11th hour.

Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the hour and there are things to be considered:
Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other and do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time.

There is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.

They will try to hold on to the shore.

They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly.

Know the River has its destination.

The Elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open and our heads above the water.

See who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves, for the moment that we do our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabularly.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we've been waiting for."

The Elders

Oraibi, Arizona

Hopi Nation
my reservation dogs waiting patiently
for me outside the teepee

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