21 December 2009

Step into those thoughts and go through them

It's the shortest day of the year and the longest night of the year. I'm preparing my sacred space for the next few weeks of my own personal workshop. As I have been mopping the floors and dusting my meditation area, I have been chanting with "Destiny" a recording of Yogi Bhajan.

"Love is Love"

"I have no body, I have no mind, I have no spirit,
I am just the breath of God, the breath of life,
breath of life, breath of God."

The sun is setting behind the mountains and the sea is looking beautiful and calm.

I stumbled upon this entry from yogicwisdom.blogspot.com -- quotes from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"When something bothers you too much in the mind, you want to talk. This is in between. I tell you, when something bothers you in the mind, get into action---work. You will see that gives a bigger relief."

Action. <<--->> Work. <<--->> Chant.



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