21 December 2009

my love affair with jim

Stress Management and Body Image

Nile Golds Gym Cairo Egypt

It's been three years living in Egypt. It's been quite an adjustment to a different kind of life. Personal stress and strain took over my being and I took a very controlled attitude on eating for many months.

I lost 8 kilos and a large percentage of muscle mass. Even though I loved the numbers on the scale, I was not looking very good. I am 179 cm and weighed 59 kilos.

My body frame is built more like Percheron than an Arabian, so my weight does make a difference.

After two years of personal neglect, my triceps and biceps were sagging. My face was sagging. My state of being was sagging. I looked exactly how I felt; tired and beat up.

Mental Stress - Body Stress

My view from corner treadmill

Mental stress produces body stress, and my monkey mind had pushed its irrational discord into my body. I was becoming fanatic about my weight. I was working a full time job, taking part -time Arabic lessons, and trying to learn a new city.

Controlling my eating seemed to be the only thing that I could control! Managing to get a grip on my overall self destruction, I cried, "Enough! I surrender."

Enter the year 2009: I bowed deeply to my meditation mat and prayed for strength and extreme self care.

My feeling is that nothing is a habit until you make it a habit.

Workout area in Golds Gym is on second floor
I really don't think that anything is a habit until you make it a habit. I waited more than 250 days to keep this honest statement that I have made daily self care a habit, again. It's amazing that I would have ever quit my routine. My first challenge was to regain my consistent, daily spiritual practice and yoga routine.

Once I was strong enough in controlling my mental flow, I moved into my physical routine. Yoga on its own won't build a body to endure hectic city life

Next was to discover a good place to work out and get back into a daily routine at the gym. My love affair with the gym is not something new for me. I've was a disciplined body builder for many years.

At this point, Gold's Gym enters my life. 

Aerobic machines on second floor
It's easy to spot as you cross the river Nile as its housed in an old Nile boat now stationed on the Nile. Inside and outside, it is a beautifully packaged building.

The location in itself is incentive enough to workout! The aerobics and weight training equipment are located on the second floor and it is a beautiful overlook.

The ladies also have a private workout area in the woman's locker room. We also have a steam room, sauna, and jacuzzi. After my workout, I like to sit in the cafe lounge on the main floor and gaze over the Nile.

View from ground floor coffee shop
Thanks to the fantastic personal trainers at Golds, I've gained my muscle mass back but haven't put on the fat. I am feeling fit and fine.

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