08 July 2009

Vitality & Stress

stress & vitality
Last week, I completed a 50-hour Kundalini Yoga Level II course called Vitality & Stress. Senior Trainers for the course were Nirvair Singh, Gurucharan Singh (KRI Director of Training), Krishna Kaur and Shanti Shanti Kaur. It was a week of intense meditation and heart opening.

As stated on the KRI website, at the close of the course, I do affirm:
“I cultivate my core vitality to honor and use the opportunities that come with each breath—
to receive them as a gift.
I recognize the value of my physical and energetic bodies and take steps to maintain them.
I thrive under stress and challenge;
I am a spiritual warrior who leads, uplifts and delivers effective decisions.
I practice a lifestyle that incorporates continuous preventative habits for vitality and victory.
I have the mental and spiritual endurance to cross every crisis
and be a beacon to navigate and excel in the Aquarian Age.”


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