15 April 2009

Yoga in Egypt - Last Few Classes

yoga in the pyramids
If you haven't heard, we only have a few more classes remaining before we break for the summer. The Kundalini Yoga classes in Nasr City will finish on May 6 and resume in October. eh da??? Nam. I realize it will be a very long break and I will miss everyone here in Cairo.

This summer, I will be immersing into the teachings of Kundalini yoga in the New Mexico ashram of Yogi Bhajan. I was living in the ashram for almost nine years before arriving in Cairo. I guess I consider it home. As well, I am happy to say that after many years of consideration, I going to start my internship and become a Teacher of KY Teachers.

See you on Wednesday night!

PLEASE: Stay tuned here as I bring you more information about the summer yoga programs in Espanola, New Mexico. Like the summer solstice celebration and teacher's training.

NOT TO FORGET: to my Twitter friends, I will continue to post information for starting your yoga and meditation practice. Looking forward to the fun and adventure as we meet in the ethers.



Simrat said...

Nice blog... Thanks for the RT on my last post. I've added you to my links under Inspiration. It's great to see Kundalini Yoga being taught in Egypt.

ishttah said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I love your blog too. I would love to visit and go riding with you.