10 October 2007

navel chakra and medatative states

The navel chakra is extremely important in transforming human energy imbalances. (mind, body, spirit). As the navel chakra develops in balance with the other chakras, the personality traits associated with it change. The power of personal projection becomes enormous.

Without transforming the energy, all the words and suggestions of a guide (such as a spiritual master) are understood in a context of power and gain. No effort will penetrate the consciousness and reality of the person.

A strong balanced nabhi chakra gives the power to maintain a course of action. If an effort is sustains, it becomes a habit. As a habit, it sustains itself. The navel energy is necessary to easily initiate self-sustaining actions.

** Human strength lies in human intuitive experience --Yogi Bhajan **


AL-7awy said...

not bad >>>>>>> if it was in arabic we woud make atraining dodge

ishttah said...

insha'allah - it is my prayer that some day i will be able to compose my thoughts in arabic