15 September 2007

yoga starts at the navel point

The ancient Shastras cite "all yoga starts at the navel point."

Once, a young student asked his teacher how far he must travel to find enlightenment and the true path of the Self. The teacher spread his fingers wide and said, "You must travel the distance from the thumb to the tip of the little finger. If you place the spread hand on your stomach with the little finger at the Navel Point, then the thumb stretches to the heart center. This is the mystical path consciousness must ascend."

The Navel Point is not the navel, or belly button, though it is related. The center can be located a few inches down from the belly button and in front of, the lower
spine. I've been told, it lands 3 fingers down from your belly button. It is known as the center of physical well-being.

Thousands of channels carrying the life force of the body converge through this point, with different currents, ratios, and intensities of flow. Many imbalances can be corrected just by strengthening the navel point center.

Nabhi Kriya

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