21 September 2007

tangled up and blue

My weekly escape provides an essential get-away from this crazy, horn-loving, urban landscape in which I dwell. However, to maintain a one-hour kriya, plus meditation away from the daily practice spot can be challenging.

Whenever I arrive at a destination, at first opportunity I try to find a quiet place to practice. (and in the case of living in Egypt, a relatively clean spot)

In an oversight while packing for this trip, I left home without my timer.

No excuses. Socializing time, weather, place, and no timer gave me plenty of excuses.

In the early morning hours, I took my spot where I could stretch out completely and not be disturbed in the middle of the kriya. Since I was sans timer, I counted each posture. (what did those ancient yogis do without timers??)

108 is the number I picked for the longer timed postures...and 31 to 54 on the shorter postures.

My competitive mind was flooded with notions that if I don't have full timed postures, the kriya would be less challenging, or I would break the integrity of this 40-day kriya. (please see nabhi kriya entry dated september 2)
Huh? Where do I come up with these ideas?
Definitely not.
My intuition opened awareness that I am practicing at the perfect point of this series. The energy keeps flowing. It's all challenging, maybe not the physical as much, but most definitely the mental.

Having these few days of counting the movements provided physical, mental, and emotional respite. Most importantly, my mental energy was brought into balance as I gave up competitive excesses. The demand of my nature to push forward, to bite down and not give up, and to hold hard against "slacking" was engaged and successfully calmed. Stepping out of my usual environment, tuning into intuition, and just relaxing revealed perspective on this identified "routine" that I created.

**By annihilating the ego, we reach true universality, a fuller life and life eternal. --Yogi Bhajan

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