18 September 2007


I prepared to start the kriya, and then I stopped. My mind kicked in with force and rebellion. I had to pause for a few minutes and just let me be. I told myself that I could stop at any time, but I set the timer for the full time. In each posture, as I glanced at the timer, I would say, just a few more minutes. Breath in "Sat", breath out "Nam." Leg up "I am", leg down "I am". I have never looked at the timer as often as I did today. Yet, it wasn't that I was struggling with the pose, it was all mental junk.

My internal temperature isn't heating up as it did when I started. This set really amps up the heat.

Yogi Bhajan on the navel point: "There is a very powerful psychic power under the Navel Point. It sits there like a cobra snake and when it wakes up, it travels through the six centers of the body and awakens them with its touch. When it touches the Seventh Center, the person knows all. When it intermingles with the aura, it delightfully enlightens the arcline and makes everything work out for the person."
a pic that i took at a fire show performed at the pyramids. kinda feel like this today.

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