10 September 2007

some stability returns

The last few days have been a blur. I struggled with dehydration and fought with friends that I would not end up in hospital. Fortunately, my prayers are powerful, and so is my projection. It's all illusion, and I know me best. Though it was touch and go, I have cleared what needed to be cleared so far.

With the exception of the one day that I had to reduce the times of each posture to 1 or 2 minutes, I'm back to the half times. Despite all these physical set backs, I feel stronger. My mental stability is centered and present moment.

Yogi Bhajan: "God gave you the body with praana and apaana. Apaanas are there to eliminate negativity. People who have strong praana and do not have equally strong apaana are very cluttered people. They do not know how to eliminate things and elimination is very important. It is the balance of praana and apaana which creates the power of the Shashmana, the central being, the equilibrium being. The Supreme being will awaken in you only when the praana and apaana both work together. One gives the power and the other eliminates negativeity: all you will be left with is the plus."

**from "Praana, Praannee, Praanayam"


Unknown said...

Dear Darla,

I want to lean how to do this

ishttah said...

Yes. You will learn how to do this for yourself.