04 September 2007

praana vayus

Yogi Bhajan: "As a human, you have three forces in you: praana, udyaana, and apaana. If you can control those three vayus, the rest of the vayus will automatically come into alignment. According to the (ancient) scientific facts, the entire functioning of the body is not muscular and is not nervous either, it is by those airs.

"The force which gives you life is called praana. The force which maintains you is call udyaana. The force which is the eliminating faculty in you, is called apaana. So these forces are the principle vayus, powerful air currents. Udyaana relates to your nervous system. Praana gives you energy and apaana takes away what is not needed by you. These are three automatics and you can have conscious control of them if you are conscious enough."

**taken from "Praana, Praanee, Praanayam" ***

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