29 September 2007

sea of emotions

Earth pushed and pulled by water. It's only where the two meet that the turbulence is the strongest. Stepping through on either side, and balance can be regained.

Tide flows in. Tide flows out. I asked the sea who am I?

Taking my meditations to the beach, I moved in walking meditations over the last few days.

Living in Cairo, a flurry of business and activity, my surroundings easily disconnect me, not only from my Self but from nature.

Some times I lose site of hope for connection and all of life seems futile. I used to deny such feelings. I would mentally punish myself for thinking in this way and create such a vicious cycle of anger and depression. I label it American psychosis...the self-centered, pity-me depression cycle...except I don't blame anyone, nor do I seek a pharmaceutical drug to cure.

Gaining strength again with my current yoga practice, I pull myself into balance with confidence and neutrality. My posture is durable, not only to my outer world, but to my inner world. I welcome my forlorn thoughts and recognize that is all they are...thoughts.

The thoughts ebb. The thoughts grow. The thoughts flow.
In the moment that I embrace them, they fall away. I breath in the moment, only to be distracted by another thought wave, and then another. With each thought, I breath my emotional tide to the present moment, accepting love and joy. And soon, I am back to center and neutral again. Only to discover again, my yoga and meditation behold me the beauty to hold steady the present moment in my breath.

I am the creator creating my creation.
I am
I am the creative principle;
I am the energy and intelligence that chose to create this universe…

I place one foot on the sandy shore, I bless the earth with peace.
I step forward to place the other foot ahead, I bless my self with peace.

++  Peace Be With All of Us. ++

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