24 September 2007

body aware

If you decide to practice a strenuous yoga set, such as nabhi kriya, then it is important to understand how your body is affected so that you can self balance. As you open to awareness of breath and spirit, you should understand that shifts in body and consciousness of being are going to happen.

1) Observe Your Body, Behavior: Being athletic by nature, I find that I closely observe my body and my behavior. I take care of myself and do my best to adjust to shifts. Practicing these powerful postures every day were strengthening my abdominal muscles, but they were also exhausting them.

2) Rise Up Above Excuses, Relax: When I forgot my timer during my mini vacation, I relaxed with counting the movements within each posture. As I continued to practice my morning sadhana yoga, I found that my ab muscles stretched and better supported other postures. Rather than push hard on the nabhi kriya this week and possibly injure my muscles, I've maintain my newly adopted relaxed attitude.

3) Enjoy Your Power: Everything happens for a reason. I keep reminding myself that I went into this 40 day kriya without any expectations. Again, another discovery is that the refrain to shorter times has completely restored my balance and improved my energy. My stronger abdominal muscles improve my posture with my other yoga sets.

Live a life of awareness, and be a witness. Carefully observe your own mind, your worries and emotions. Free yourself from these bondages, intelligently. -- Paramahamsa Hariharananda

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