03 September 2007

balancing life

My birthday closes August and since I can remember, I've always considered it to be the start of my new year.

Over the last few days, my journal writings are revealing interesting phrases to describe my being. I find sentences like "It is time to drop anchor." or "I want to stand and deliver." As I write, I free flow and don't stop. Days later, I flip back pages and re-read my stream of consciousness of that moment. As I read last week's entries, my internal ping connected. What the hell am I talking about?

Yesterday, I took my stand to deliver my Self. I started the practice of Nabhi Kriya. (complete kriya set posted yesterday, Sept. 2, 2007)

My intention is 40 days of practice. No attachment to the process or outcome, just a steady daily practice.

Though I have a daily practice of yoga, the sets I have been practicing have been more gentle lately. My navel point has weakened, so to make it through this set with integrity and proper posture, I halved all the given times. Not without struggle, I was able to keep my form, and the set flowed very smoothly. The second posture proved to be very difficult at the end, but I kept up.

During my relaxation, I felt fear in the form of abandonment. My sensations and thoughts kept repeating that I was all alone, on this spinning planet, and death is a breath away. My answer was to keep breathing, long and deep and slow and gently remind that it's only thoughts and mind.

Everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone.

You can click on the tag "navel" or "nabhi kriya" for other experiences of nabhi kriya. Or find the complete kriya posted here: http://yogaeverywhere.blogspot.com/2007/09/nabhi-kriya.html

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