02 August 2007

Peace dwells in Silence

Peace dwells in Silence.

God, give us the power to break through our blocks and barriers in life.
Open us,
like the open sea,
to touch the shores of the heart,

And give us the strength of that pleasant breeze,
So that we may hug and kiss the life as it lives among us at this Time and Space.

Give us the values and virtues to be noble,
to be graceful,
And to be glorious in our strength as human beings.

Change our values and virtues from the wrong path,
So we can determine our own path on which we can walk with sincerity
In our physical existence to cover our journey unto our destiny.

In Thy Name we pray.
(Yogi Bhajan, Women's Camp, Espanola, New Mexico, June 30, 2000)

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