22 April 2007


My Morning Meditation: Slipped back into forgetting. Forgot what I am.
Loosened a rusty nut. Forgiveness of him. Freedom from the illusion of betrayal.
Stilled my mind. Be my breath.**

Simple Breathing Technique that Will Calm Your Mind, Create Focus

Posture: Sit in an Easy Pose.

Mudra: Let your hands rest over the knees in Gyan Mudra or keep them in Prayer Pose at the center of the chest.

Breath Pattern & Visualization: Let your body feel in perfect balance.
You can sit in this posture without effort. Let all of your attention gather on the breath. Sense the breath as a quality of motion.

How does it move in the different parts of your body as you breathe in a steady and meditative rhythm?

Bring your attention through the one-inch square (2.5cm2) area above the root of the nose where the eyebrows meet.
Then focus the attention through the brow to the Navel Point area.
Concentrate just below the interior of the umbilicus. Feel the motion and life energy of the breath. Visualize the body as luminous.
As you inhale, the light increases in brightness, extend, and penetration.

Let that breath and light merge with the entire Cosmos.
Let the breath breathe you. Experience yourself as a unit and the Cosmos as unlimited.
Feel that you are a part of the vastness. The breath is a wave on a much greater ocean of energy of which you are a part.

Notice the motions and changes in the subtle breath (prana). Do not try to alter it.
Observe it and learn to notice your basline of prana. You are sensitizing your awareness to notice the state of energy and motion in your prana. You must calibrate to this baseline to notice and appreciate the effect of variou s pranayam meditation techniques.

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