11 April 2007

alternative travel yoga

darla motorcycle yogaEven on a quick stop, try to stretch.

So I was minding my business, as any good yogini would do, when I met a guy that likes motorcycles. Okay. That is okay. Then, a few months later he decides that he wants to ride his motorcycle 4,000 miles across the United States...and wants me to come with him.

Obviously, the first question is "what kind of shoes will I bring?"

But before I could protest that I could only bring one pair, I was schooched up behind this hunk on the back of his BMW bike and we were headed down the highway. Searchin' for adventure.

The first few hundred miles went by silently. But after the 400th or so mile, and days later, our bodies got a little whacked.

What's a yogini to do?

STRETCH whenever the bike comes to a stop and the hunk wants to disembark. (get the hunk to stretch too)

BREATH deep all the time.

SING MANTRAS to keep from getting bored or falling asleep.

COUNT BLESSINGS that prayers were answered and a gorgeous hunk whisks you away on the back of his BMW across the country. (a modern day white stallion)

motorcycle yoga


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